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Spacebox represents the first small step for a next generation series of direct payload services to space for commercial and private customers. Most importantly, this is the perfect gift for anybody who has been inspired by humanity’s destiny further beyond. This open platform allows anyone to customize the interior of the box or simply fly whatever items they would like to space and have it return safely to them.

The shipping process is very easy

  1. Order online and purchase our spacebox

  2. Fill out any required information about your intended payload. This can be anything from wedding rings to corporate apparel. Our open platform allows researchers and students the ability to fly their experiments to space and back at the absolute lowest cost in the industry. Make sure you have your home address correctly annotated.

  3. Sit back and wait for spacebox to be delivered to you

  4. When it arrives, place your payload into our ready to ship package and return it post marked and delivered via standard freight to the point of origin. We’ve provided the return address for you which you will see when you remove your QR sticker, make sure to scan to QR code.

  5. Your payload is currently in transit past the Karman line, please stand by.

  6. Your payload will return to you before Christmas 2019.

The Discovery series of rockets are built, tested and flown from the Space Coast near Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

For more information about your rocket, please click here


Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions provided 

• No refunds after box has shipped 
• This is an experimental service, as such we assume no responsibility for the outcome of launch/recovery 
• Insurance is available for payloads as an additional fee option at final checkout but is not included as standard 
• Should a customer miss the submission window for sending their SpaceBox item out for payload integration, or it ships out late, we may notify them for when the next launch is, and can send reminders as soon as possible. Late SpaceBox arrival may be held at facility upon customer request. 
• United Frontiers is not responsible for damaging of the SpaceBox or its contents post-freight shipment to the customer in the event of an accident, mishandling or potential destruction of the item during it’s transit in the US Postal System. 
• Should United Frontiers accidentally damage contents inside SpaceBox during payload inspection and integration, we shall notify the customer of the assessment and request further action whether that is refund and or return of spacebox for a future launch. 
• Customer must describe the contents going inside the SpaceBox prior to purchase.