Oceanic Rockets Enable Payloads to Orbit in excess of 750 metric tons.    …Food for thought.

Oceanic Rockets Enable Payloads to Orbit in excess of 750 metric tons.

…Food for thought.

Innovative Aerospace Solutions

Based on the Florida Space Coast near NASAs Kennedy Space Center, United Frontiers is at the beating heart of America’s launch industry. Our diverse leadership team is comprised of talented professionals with experience working with leading innovators like Deep Space Industries, Ripple AS, SpaceX and SLS Contractors as well as serving as warfighters with the US Navy and US Air Force. We are a mix of next gen innovators and passionate space systems engineers. We seek to bring the commercialization of high performance high altitude suborbital vehicles into the 21st century enabling a full range of reusable options including High Performance R&D testing of customer hardware, direct consumer payloads with our flagship SpaceBox brand and flight hardware certification enabling commercial customers to bring their tech readiness level to 9 faster and cheaper. And like our upcoming orbital vehicles we enable standard commercial payload services at a lower cost then our competitors via our twofold approach of low infrastructure demands and maximized launch vehicle revenue streams.

The Space Industry is rapidly advancing and many companies are rushing to fill niches that may not have a place in the industry the next decade. Understanding the attrition heavy nature of the market, the primary founders of United Frontiers have sought to develop a robust, cash flow focused business strategy to secure customer access in this dynamic and ever changing industry as commercial customers demand more out of their launch vehicle operators while expanding to deliver key services for a growing number of space transportation requirements.

The long term vision of United Frontiers is to become the catalyst over the next several decades working to develop the Cislunar Econosphere and beyond. Operating globally deployable reusable oceanic and air launch vehicles delivering orbital and planetary infrastructure; life science research, defense, commercial and consumer cargo to ultimately improve life on Earth by providing it’s citizens the benefit of direct access to space along with it’s technological derivatives.


Since the dawn of time the stars have guided us. Maybe it was our core evolutionary drive to explore the unknown, and to ask ourselves questions we barely had answers for. And yet we persisted…

At United Frontiers we don’t follow the credo of “think different” because thinking about doing something is never a fully committed act, we are different. For our first system, we submit to you: SpaceBox.

SpaceBox is a suborbital launch and recovery platform designed to enable affordable access to space for educational, professional, consumer and hobbyist payloads.

Right now, you can make your students ideas a reality, flight test and recover your hardware at a fraction of the cost, pursue innovative new marketing strategies, design experiments, engage in citizen science, and yes, maybe reach a discovery that can change the world.

With SpaceBox, we're making this a reality, and to us, that's what's truly exciting.

All these things and more suddenly become possible with the enabling technology of open, affordable access to space for YOU; THE PEOPLE.

We are United Frontiers and YOUR journey is just beginning.

Click the SPACEBOX to hit up our github for free downloadable plans of the Orbital Cubesat so you can print and customize your own payload.